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Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at can help you with any legal support you need! Legal representation for accidents at work, at home, in slips and falls, and from dog bites is provided by the legal team.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at can help you with any legal support you need! Legal representation for accidents at work, at home, in slips and falls, and from dog bites is provided by the legal team. for personal injury lawyer Los Angeles has the best resources in the state to handle any personal injury cases!

The personal injury lawyer Los Angeles has put together a step-by-step guide to help you understand personal injuries. :

What’s so great about Carpenter & Zuckerman?

  • Serving clients for more than 25 years
  • Since DECADES, we have been achieving excellent results for our clients as a well-established California personal injury law firm.
  • Trial lawyers you can trust
  • It helps us get better results when insurance companies know we’re fierce litigators who won’t back down at trial.
  • A list of some of the biggest settlements and verdicts
  • Having achieved some of the largest settlements and verdicts both locally and nationally, we always seek maximum damages for our clients.
  • You’ll feel like family with our legal team
  • We treat you as a person, not just a case number, and as a person, you deserve to be treated with the care and compassion you deserve, which is the reason we give you the attention and support you deserve at every step of the way.
  • Win or lose, no fees
  • If we win your case, we will take any fees directly from your settlement or judgment, so there’s no need to worry about fees.
  • Please find below a step-by-step guide to personal injury litigation and the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer

There are a number of practice areas covered :

There is no case that is too small or complex for our team of experienced personal injury attorneys and car accident attorneys. They have extensive experience in all aspects of personal injury law. Car accidents, paralysis, amputations, and even wrongful death are some of the most catastrophic injuries we handle.

As a leading law firm with decades of experience, a large team of lawyers, an extensive network of medical and accident reconstruction experts, and decades of experience in our field, we are ready to handle your case from start to finish.

Personal Injury Lawyer Los angeles : Areas of Practice

  • Vehicle Accident
  • The catastrophic injury ; catastrophic injury is an injury that causes brain damage, spinal cord damage, or wrongful death
  • The premise’s liability: The Store Slip and Fall The Apartment Slip and Fall The Sidewalk Trip and Fall The Gym Accident The Backyard Accident The Accidental Drowning The Premises Liability
  • The assault: A dog bite could be caused by an assault by police, a celebrity assault, a security guard assault, or a dog bite at a party
  • Product Liability

About CZR Law?

Carpenter & Zuckerman

Injured people’s rights should always come before insurance company profit. Carpenter & Zuckerman was founded on this principle. Injured people are represented by CZ Law, one of the leading California personal injury law firms. Our firm’s size and strength enable us to match big insurance companies, which try to negotiate discounts on legitimate claims. Our contingency fee arrangement works for you. Fees are waived if you don’t recover.

The pursuit of justice is at the center of everything we do, so we never settle for anything less than the maximum amount of compensation. Furthermore, we will arrange to have you seen by the best medical specialists in the field so that you can receive the care you need in order to return to the life you lived prior to your injury. As a result of listening to our clients and understanding what they have lost, CZ Law has won over $2 billion in jury verdicts and settlements.

The top lawyers at CZR Law

Personal Injury Lawyer John C. Carpenter

John C. Carpenter


A cofounder of Carpenter & Zuckerman. His practice focuses on helping clients with the most serious injuries recoup the money they need to rebuild their lives.

Paul S. Zuckerman


Carpenter & Zuckerman was founded by Paul S. Zuckerman to help injured people get fair compensation against large, manipulative insurance companies.

Robert J. Ounjian


A 2000 graduate of Southwestern Law School, Robert J. Ounjian, Esq. focuses his practice on general liability, medical malpractice, and birth injury law.

Pejman Ben-Cohen


The purpose of Pej’s career is to help injured people stand up to insurance companies and large corporations.

Sark Ohanian


Practicing personal injury and employment litigation, with a focus on life-changing injuries and discrimination, Sark Ohanian has been with Carpenter & Zuckerman since 2000. 

Steven L. Mazza


With more than 125 trials under his belt, Steven Lance Mazza has proven himself as a successful personal injury lawyer.

Daniel Benji


Defending injured people against insurance companies is Daniel Benji’s favorite hobby. He litigates accident and injury cases throughout California as a personal injury lawyer.

John Kristensen


After running his own plaintiffs’ firm for nine years, John P. Kristensen joined Carpenter & Zuckerman in 2018. He specializes in product liability, civil rights, employment law, sex offenses, and consumer class actions.

Aaron Stiegler


He represents injured individuals and has recovered millions of dollars on their behalf. Highly recommended by his peers for excellence in personal injury litigation.

Greg Coolidge


In October 2013, Greg Coolidge joined Carpenter & Zuckerman as an attorney. He previously practiced as an attorney for thirteen years, litigating more than 100 toxic injury cases involving workers who were exposed to toxic chemicals.

lewis attroney of personal injury

Gary Lewis


As a legal researcher and writer, Gary has worked for over four decades. He played an important role during and after the Doris Day litigation scandal. In his briefing, Gary argued for the former attorney of Ms. Day’s business advisor who successfully sued the insurance companies and his attorneys for malpractice.

Lance attroney injury

Lance C. Behringer


He is a born trial lawyer, all about becoming the best trial attorney that ever lived. His passion for becoming the best is what brought him to Carpenter & Zuckerman. Lance is a member of the Special Ops Trial Team at CZ Law.

Steve attroney of counsel

Steve Spencer

Attorney Of Counsel

Having conducted well over 100 jury trials, Steve Spencer is an accomplished litigator with over 30 years of experience handling cases throughout California and multiple other states.

Howard attroney

Howard Blumenthal


He concentrates primarily on civil litigation for personal injury and medical malpractice.

Peter attroney

Peter M. Cho, Esq.


Having served as an opposition against big insurance companies and powerful corporations that try to take advantage of injury victims for more than 20 years, Peter Cho is a personal injury lawyer at Carpenter & Zuckerman.

Customer Reviews : Personal Injury Lawyer

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Question.

What is Personal Injury Lawyer?

Accident lawyers represent people who have been injured in accidents. Attorneys assist injured parties in obtaining damages from negligent parties. Injured parties can file lawsuits with the attorney’s help if needed.

What types of accidents are there?

Car accidents are the only thing people think of when they think about Los Angeles It depends on the type of accident whether you need a personal injury lawyer.
Here are a few:
1.Accidents caused by slips and falls
2.Fraudulent medical care
3.The workplace: wrongful injuries
4.Wrongful death
6.Liability for products
A medical malpractice is a mistake or injury that results from medical treatment
Automobile, truck, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents are among the most common types of accidents

3. Are there any types of injuries that are likely to result in a lawsuit?

In the event that you are involved in an accident caused by the negligence of someone else, a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles at can be of assistance to you.
Whether the injuries are physical, mental, or emotional, you have the right to file a lawsuit if you have suffered any of them.

4. When an accident occurs, who is responsible for the damages incurred?

Having been in an accident, it is important to know who is responsible for the accident so you can receive the right amount of compensation.
Most accidents are caused by the person or company at fault. There are some exceptions. Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles will investigate whether a defective product caused the accident, or if a person’s actions were guided by his employer.

5. How can Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer help you?, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, can assist you in the following ways:
1.You can consult with them to find out what options you may have in resolving your case and how to proceed
2.It is important that you investigate the accident and gather evidence in order to prove your case
3.To reach a fair settlement with your insurance company, you will need to negotiate with them
4.Whether you are going to trial or not, we will represent you
5.Assisting you with all legal documentation during difficult times gives you peace of mind
6.Make sure you get the best compensation possible by fighting for your rights

6. How much will insurance pay?

It is common for people who have been in an accident to worry whether the insurance company will take care of their losses.
Unfortunately, insurance companies put business above all else when it comes to making money. Their refusal to hand over those funds so quickly indicates that they aren’t willing to do so. The majority of the time, they will try to take on less work and put the blame on the injured individuals more than their own faults.

Conclusion : Personal Injury Lawyer Los angeles

A person who has been injured or hurt as a result of the negligence of another is entitled to compensation under the law. Los Angeles can assist you if the injured party refuses to pay or refuses to agree. In addition to answering any questions you have about personal injury law, they can also help you file your claim. Nevertheless, before getting in touch with an injury attorney at, make sure you check yourself out at the hospital and contact a medical professional.

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